Performance Biography

“I want to break as many stereotypes as possible when it comes to me being a black woman with a disability.” – Miss Jacqui


Having come from an extremely creative family, Miss Jacqui is fascinated by many different art forms. Theatre and music have both always been a huge part of her life. Miss Jacqui’s early love for music led her to recording the radio onto cassettes when she was really young, wanting to know everything about how it all worked.


Her love for Spoken Word/Poetry came to light in 2011, when she joined ‘Poets Platform’ led by Kat Francois, a well-known performer on the global poetry scene. Miss Jacqui is highly influence by music that has a focus on storytelling, and this is why she cares greatly about the lyrical content in her work. She wants her work to be accessible for everyone whilst carrying a strong message that encourages people see the world differently. In this way, she hopes to inspire and make people feel comfortable about being themselves.


Miss Jacqui’s love for theatre started a little later than most, as it developed only when her mother signed Jacqui up to an inclusive drama group at the age of 13 to try to get her out of her introverted shell; she never looked back.


Spurred on by a passionate belief that creativity is a truly universal language, in Miss Jacqui’s spare time, she is devoted to the exploration of theatre, music, poetry, songwriting, and – of course – performing.


Miss Jacqui is also an ambassador for multiple organisations that she holds close to her heart, because equality, community, creating positive change and exploring different art forms are what she is passionate about.


Miss Jacqui performed at the 2012 Paralympic Team Welcoming
Ceremony & Opening Ceremony